But!!!, Thanks to the mighty Hand of God, things went well in the rain and mud ...and with some sunshine and time...I hope you like what I turned out to be!!!!!
Gourdin A. Long
The Dulcigourd
Playin the dulcigourd
Gourd Pachyderm
Gourdin's Story
Spring. Soil. Dark. Rain.Sunshine.Blue. Photosynthesis.
Roots. Taller. Trellis. Bloom. Tiny. Bigger. Bigger. Tougher. Dry. Cloudy. Cooler. Mold. Cure. Hard. Rattle. Craftsman. Artist.
That's my story. As one of many gourd seeds lying in a Wal-Mart display, I never even dreamed of what I might become. Perfectly happy where I was, I dreaded even the thoughts of bein' outside lying in a pouring rain...IN THE MUD! How could I ever amount to anything in such an environment?
Along with that obvious concern,....I had heard about sprouting...Which, quite frankly,......... sounded Painful.
A Gourd seeds autobiography
Gourd Crafts, Music, Art,...Humor
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